Jeff represents – Centerville, Circle Pines, Columbus, Lexington, Linwood, Lino Lakes, eastern Blaine

Vote:  Primary Aug 9, 2022


Common Sense Government

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Human services

Commissioner Reinert is chair of the human services committee. Human services has over 1,000 employees and is responsible for over half of the services that anoka county provides. 

Anoka county parks

commissioner reinert is vice-chair of parks committee. anoka county has 11,500 acres of open space, 7 regional parks, 7 county parks and 4 conservation preservation areas.

information technology (IT)

commissioner reinert is vice-chair of the information technology committee. from cyber threats and security to assuring effective and smooth Operational efficiency of county Operations. Commissioner Reinert’s many years of business experience is an asset on this board.  

Association of minnesota counties

commissioner reinert is a board of directors member for the AMC. the AMC works with state and federal legislators to advance policy that benefits the operation for counties. only 17 of the 450 Commissioners state wide serve on this board. Jeff is also a district 10 voting delegate. 

Airport committee

Commissioner Reinert is chair of the airport committee. the airport committee works with the management of the anoka-blaine airport and metropolitan airports commission for safe, efficient and profitable operation of the airport.  

Inter governmental & community relations (IG)

commissioner reinert is vice-chair of the intergovernmental and community relations committee (IG).  the IG committee approves all interaction and agreements with entities outside of anoka county. 


commissioner reinert serves on the transportation committee and is responsible for all transportation topics in anoka county including all road and bridge projects. 

mercy hospital allina health

commissioner reinert is a board of directors member for the mercy hospital / allina health foundation.  this group is responsible for raising millions of dollars every year for this hospital group. current project is to add a mental health facility at mercy. 

veterans services

Commissioner Reinert is chair Liaison to anoka county veteran services. While mayor of Lino Lakes, Commissioner reinert lead efforts for the city to become a yellow ribbon city. in february, 2022, commissioner reinert included AC yellow ribbon cities into AC veterans services.  


commissioner reinert services on the anoka county management  committee.  the management committee is responsible for, and  approves all new hiring for the county and approves any changes of employment status for existing anoka county employees. 

anoka county rail athority

commissioner reinert serves as a trustee for the anoka county regional railroad authority and is responsible for all actions regarding the north star line. the cost of this rail line has become Controversial and negotiations are in process regarding fate of future operations. 

Housing and redevelopment

commissioner reinert is a trustee for the anoka county housing and redevelopment authority. Anoka county works in Conjunction with cities and townships to assist them with housing and redevelopment needs. 

The anoka “A” Team

Our amazing anoka county board provides real results for you.

commissioner Jeff reinert

county commissioner, district 6

left to right – matt look , julie braastad, robyn west, mandy meisner, mike gamache, jeff reinert, scott schulte

anoka county board

Jeff reinert has been representing you with integrity for over 20 years. please contact jeff if you have any questions or if you would like to help with his campaign this fall. 


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